Wind power has become a major player in the global energy transition, providing a clean and sustainable source of electricity. Now, a revolutionary airborne wind energy system is set to take wind power to the next level. IBL Energy has partnered with the German company, SkySails Power GmbH to install a large kite that will generate electricity from high-altitude winds off the eastern coast of the Republic of Mauritius. This innovative project, supported by the National scheme for emerging/innovative renewable energy technologies, is aimed at helping Mauritius achieve its goal of a 40% share of renewables in its electricity mix by 2030. The pilot project is expected to demonstrate the potential of this breakthrough technology in Mauritius and more broadly throughout the Indian Ocean, Eastern and Southern Africa. With its unique advantages, airborne wind energy could help transform the way we generate electricity and pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

SkySailsPower_Flight 1_MauritiusSkySailsPower_Start 1_Mauritius