Renewable Energy


We are committed to designing, constructing, and financing the generation of energy through the latest technology in solar, waste-to-energy, hydro, wind and water purification through renewable energy-driven technologies.

Hybrid Projects


Where required, we strive to design the optimal combination of renewable and non-renewable generation like diesel or gas generators as well as energy storage systems.

Energy Efficiency


We provide expert energy auditing services through surveys, monitoring, and measurement to establish usage patterns and to identify integrations based on the individual profile created. These integrations are focused on energy optimization and the reduction of wastage. Our solutions include new, efficient, and improved energy assets, monitoring and alarm systems, as well as creative and flexible financial solutions to facilitate these integrations.

Green Mobility


Together with our partners, we provide individual and commercial infrastructural solutions to the growing electrical mobility industry. We provide these solutions as a turnkey installation or in financed forms like pay-as-you charge.

Waste to Value


We have partnered with global leaders to provide waste-to-energy solutions to the different divisions within our group. We have the expertise to provide advice and design optimised waste-to-value solutions for our clients. We also facilitate the manufacture and financing of these projects.

What We Do


The team in place has extensive design capabilities across our active technologies while our support partners are well-established in alternative technologies. We deliver high-level and detailed designs which include costing and modelling.


We and our partners invest in state of art energy projects and solutions that we offer our clients through creative financial models and solutions to generate profitable returns.


We provide superior operations and maintenance services for turnkey projects together with 24/7 monitoring. The focus is to prolong the lifetime of the energy assets without risking any efficiencies in energy, water, and other resource use.

Lifetime Optimisation

IBL Energy ensures performance optimisation in all assets during the design stage and operation to maximise their lifetime while ensuring the highest efficiencies.

Value Added Services

We offer energy audits with expert recommendations for improvements in savings and efficiencies. We also offer consultation to optimise projects regarding future expansion and the upgrade of energy assets.

Service Management

Our priority and focus are the unique requirements of each client. Therefore, we offer day-to-day management in project design, implementation, monitoring, and reporting.

Green Labelling

We provide our clients with the guidance to develop sustainable projects and assist them with the required certification of assets and projects as having a reduced environmental impact.